How to access 2nd memory slot ps1 games

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I think also the 2nd card slot is for player 2 if you both want to load seperate profiles from your onw memory cards, for instances NFSU2 Alright, so NFSU2 has an excuse for it. But the other 98.6% of games out there don't have an excuse when games in 1997 supported it (FF7), it's just lazy on their part; no excuse.

How to Create a Digital PS1 & PS2 Memory Card & how to… I'm making this video because I'm getting tired of the comments on my PS1 and PS2 classic videos. Here you go hope the video helps and if it does glad I... PS2- How do I use the 2nd memory card slot? | Yahoo… Well, it depends on the game. Some games will check for a memory card in both slots. Others only allow you to save on the first memory card slot. One RAM slot not working? [Solved] | Forum

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Where are the memory card/sd slots on my PS3? - GameSpot There's also a way to transfer your ps2/ps1 memory card data to your PS3 with an adaptor. BUT The 40 gig model can't play ps2 games, it has no SD reader, only 2 usb ports, etc.

> do 2 memory cards make the games run better?! I've never heard that. In fact, some games will take LONGER to save or load because it will scan both cards for savegames. Most games, however, don't even acknowlege the second memory slot at all, so having a 2nd card inserted won't matter.

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Select (Game) > (Memory Card Utility). 2. Connect the memory card adaptor to the PS3™ system and insert a memory card. 3. Select the icon of the saved data that you want to copy from (Internal Memory Card (PS)) or (Internal Memory Card (PS2)) where the data is …

Copy PS1 memory card to PC - posted in PS3 and PS4: Is there a way to get my PS1 save files from my old memory cards to the PC that doesn't have to do with the dexdrive (Preferably direct, but through the PS3 is okay too) and convert them to the ePSXe file format? All help is greatly appreciated!

What can I do if I can’t save my game? Make sure you are saving a PlayStation 2 software title to the Memory Card (8MB) for PlayStation 2. Confirm that you are using an officially licensed PlayStation memory card by looking for the official PlayStation logo.

Ps2 Memory Card Slot 1 Problem PLEASE HELP ... - YouTube This is a very urgent problem srry bout the vid being cut but i really need help i will really appreciate it and give you a free shoutout if it works ;) Why isn't my PS2 detecting the memory card? PlayStation 2 I had one die after only a month, taking a couple of hundred hours worth of saves with it. It suddenly not working doesn't surprise me. Get some official Sony 8MB memory cards or 2nd party Katana 16 / 32MB memory cards if you must have a high capacity memory card. Both are of a better quality than that Max Memory garbage. PlayStation 2 Memory Card Slot 1 error - YouTube I need help!!! My PS2 Sony don't want to read the Memory Card ... Oh yeah! I see it working out of a game , but , in the game In Cold Blood don't works! Ps1 memory card slots not working - ASSEMblergames