Freebsd ahci timeout on slot

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Stable release: HardenedBSD-stable 11-Stable v1100055

FreeBSD ZFS NAS Web-GUI | Page 4 | [H]ard|Forum Yes; the old ATA code in FreeBSD was not very flexible and didn't work too well when spinning down. Today the spindown should work well without messing with timeout values. It does depend on your controller being ATA (IDE emulation) or true AHCI. The new AHCI driver should preferably be used and generally is a better code path than the older ... Em2: watchdog timeout – resetting, plz i need help | Netgate ... Hello, I have a server pfsense in bridge mode to function as transparent FW, the problem is that once I connect the pfsense between my router core and my core switch catalyst a few seconds begin to appear several messages like these: em2: watchdog timeout... Other - Kernel: ahcich: Timeout in slot | The FreeBSD Forums The computer continues to operate, but the disk subsystem is disabled and everything freezes. "Reset" and booting normally. Then in one day or two days (the computer does not turn off) appears again: Kernel: ahcich: Timeout in slot | Page 3 -

FreeNAS Timeout Errors on boot and iSCSI failure | [H]ard ...

INFO global: Vagrant version: 1.4.1 INFO subprocess: Starting INFO global: Vagrant version: 1.4.1 INFO subprocess: Starting process: ["/usr/bin/VBoxManage", "--version"] Debug subprocess: Command not in installer, not touching env vars. Debug subprocess: Selecting on IO Debug subprocess: stdout: 4.2 …

Jul 30, 2018 ... since the upgrade to I have AHCI command timeout messages. ... ahcich2: Timeout on slot 23 port 0 ahcich2: is 00000000 cs 00c00000 ... to (e.g. 5673?) and wait for the next major release with FreeBSD 12?

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The FreeBSD Project. FreeBSD is an operating system used to power modern servers, desktops, and embedded platforms.A large community has continually developed it for more than thirty years. Installing FreeBSD 10.1 on SSD : freebsd - reddit

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